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Porto: an old city of small streets, breathtaking landscapes, old buildings full of charm and genius new pieces of architecture. An unforgettable town with a riverside full of wonders, a downtown with surprises in every corner, monuments with history and an historic city center that will make you fall in love with it a little bit more every day. 

This natural charm turned Porto into a trendy city over the last few years, a globally known dream destination, but also, increasingly, a center of ideas, creativity and quality work.

And this is why our magnificent city, part of our story and DNA, the much beloved and unique Porto, became our source of inspiration for 2017.

Take a trip with us and discover a brand new collection full of surprises and great options! 




Colourful, vibrant, youthful and energetic moods and places inspired us to deliver this great collection full of lively tones, which quivers and pulsates an energetic and audacious style! 

Are you a lover of colour? Do you have a vivid imagination? Do you get chills at the sight of youth groups tangled in a graffiti wall? Then you’ll love this magnetic and exuberant range of products that will fill your bathroom with vitality.


Past Modern

Inspired by ceramic tiles, monumental decorations and preserved historic buildings, our Past Modern concept portrays rustic and ethnic scenes, creating a distinctive look with a traditional flavor.

Ornamental decorations and antique buildings with magnificent facades set the tone and inspiration for a collection full of different designs that converge into a sumptuous rustic-modern cozy mood.


Urban Explorer

Hours wandering around in the midst of concrete walls, 21st century splendid buildings or metal arch bridges can instigate anyone’s inner urban explorer.

Lift the aesthetic of your bathroom with elegant and sober designs with a unique style. Different shapes, different lines and mainly warm dark tones that never disappoint or compromise.


Dream Simplicity

Are you going for a clean, fresh look? The motto less is more is the one that really matters in this special collection with a range of products that oozes simplicity.

Clean stripes make these coordinates minimalist but extremely effective and refined. Keep it simple with this range of products that effortlessly can bring a peaceful and quiet mood to your bathroom. And what about these lighter, but yet exceptionally absorbent towels? A bonus!





Discover something new!

To live is to discover, have fun, experience, learn from the path, enjoy everyday, love, do something meaningful and take the best out of everything.

So this year we decided to celebrate and enjoy life with Sorema Beach Towels!

Good energy

Good vibes

Good people

...and an unforgettable and different experience!

In 2017 we decided to take a day out, do something we haven’t done before, discover new places and experience new things. Because getting a new view with different experiences is to get a new view of your own! 

Get on board and discover something new with Sorema Beach Towels!



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