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Summer Bath Essentials

We love the summer! We find this season inspiring and we think it's a great moment for you to take a look at your bathroom decoration and change something in its mood. There's always something you can do to shake things up and make it more interesting. Our summer bath essentials can help you with that!

So be prepared and get to know our coloured suggestions for your perfect super duper lively summer bath decoration. 


Geo bath coordinate


Bath rug - 100% cotton

Bath towel - 100% cotton

Shower Curtain - 100% polyester

Block bath coordinate


Bath rug - 100% cotton

Bath towel - 100% cotton

Shower Curtain - 100% polyester

Shine bath coordinate


Bath rug - 100% cotton

Bath towel - 100% cotton

Shower Curtain - 100% polyester


We believe this lively and vibrant coordinated products can make a difference in your bathroom. What about you?

Experience and let you bathroom flourish!





New Collection 2017

Inspired by our lovely city of Porto!

An old city of small streets, breathtaking landscapes, old buildings full of charm and genius new pieces of architecture. An unforgettable town with a riverside full of wonders, a downtown with surprises in every corner, monuments with history and a historic city center that will make you fall in love with it a little bit more every day.

This natural charm turned Porto into a trendy city over the last few years, a globally known dream destination, but also, increasingly, a center of ideas, creativity and quality work.

This is why our great city, for whom our team is madly in love, became the source of inspiration for 2017.

The past and tradition. The present and trivial. The future and forward.

Discover more from our new collection!

Click here!





Avant Collection 2017

There’s something special about the supreme quietude of Autumn, which offers its own beauty: the sky is laden with beautiful clouds, lovely rays of light capture the perfect autumn atmosphere, and the world is eerily quiet and still. That’s in essence what inspired us for our next bath collection!

There’s a new season coming, of shorter and dimmer days, but our cheery style is still on. We designed a brand new, memorable and exceptional range of bath towels and bath rugs that are perfectly suitable for this time and will help people craft the look you want for this upcoming season. 

We are keeping things fresh with new ideas and innovations, but we’re also making sure we are still faithful to what’s our trade mark: the possibility to mix our great designs with our 24 colour palette range.

Get to know Grid: in a sober colour palette that transpires depth, serenity and freshness, it’s the perfect coordinate to create a visually attractive and modernistic look to any bathroom.

Also, meet Spirit: in a stone colour scheme that enhances a certain earthy style, this coordinate is slightly unconventional and totally charming.

There’s a lot to see and a lot to please your needs in this preview of our brand new bath collection. Look it up!




Coordinate to fit your needs!

Mix it up and choose your own favourites from our comprehensive range of bath products. Are you up for something that brings movement and vitality to your bathroom?

1. Mix our Confetti bath coordinate with some Aruba, Silver or White products from our New Plus range: towels, bath rugs and bath mats.

2. To complete the range, add our Aruba, Anthracite or White Dynamic bath accessories.

Result: A vibrant look to remember!


1.1) New Plus towels - Aruba

1.2) New Plus towels - Silver

1.3) New Plus towels - White

1.4) New Plus bath rug - Aruba

1.5) New Plus bath rug - Silver

1.6) New Plus bath rug - White

1.5) Dynamic Bath Accessories - Aruba

1.6) Dynamic Bath Accessories - Anthracite

1.7) Dynamic Bath Accessories - White


But there's more...

Not the colours you expected? No problem! There's more in our bath collection for you to choose and mix! What about these next ones?





Dark Grey



A little bit of adventure for the weekend!

The sun is shining bright, the weekend is coming and the weather invites you to some adventurous moments. Get inspired by our Sorema Beach Towels Summer spirit and be bold, fun and audacious!

Do not be afraid to do something new, unusual and exciting. Dare to have fun this weekend! Make every moment count!




Coordinate to fit your needs!

Mix it up and choose your own favourites from our comprehensive range of bath products. Do you love something different?

1. Mix our Urban bath coordinate with some Dark Grey or Silver products from our New Plus range: towels, bath rugs or bath mats.

2. To complete the range, add our White or Black Rock bath accessories.

There you have it: a perfect and complete look!


1.1) New Plus towels - Dark Grey

1.2) New Plus towels - Silver

1.3) New Plus bath rugs - Dark Grey

1.4) New Plus bath rugs - Silver

1.5) New Plus bath mats - Dark Grey

1.6) New Plus bath mats - Silver

2.1) Rock bath accessories - Black

2.2) Rock bath accessories - White


Bath Accessories Collection 2016

Our 2016th collection guarantees a very diverse range of bath accesories, which can be coordinated with our products as you most like and prefer.

From ceramic to polyresin to acrylic, you can choose what fits your needs better. Leaf through our bath accessories catalogue and choose your favourites! 




New in 2016

Our Block bath coordinate is one of our customers' favourites from Sorema - Bath Fashion 2016th collection. It's full of colour, full of energy and a great choice for the ones who love vivid and solid colours in their bathroom's decoration! 


100% Cotton Bath Rug

100% Cotton Bath Towel

100% Polyester Shower Curtain


Coordinate to fit you needs!

Mix it up and choose your own favourites from our comprehensive range of bath products.

1. Try to mix our Cube bath coordinate with our Coral, Silver or Aruba New Plus bath towels. You just have to choose your favourite colour! 

And what if you put it all together with our Dynamic accessories? Than you get a complete bath range that will fit your needs! 


2.1) New Plus Bath Towel: Coral

2.2) New Plus Bath Towel: Silver

2.3) New Plus Bath Towel: Aruba

3.1) Dynamic Bath Accessories: White

3.2) Dynamic Bath Accessories: Anthracite

3.3) Dynamic Bath Accessories: Aruba


What's your mood today?

Are you afraid to experiment different looks? Don't be! With a different look you can change your bathroom's whole mood and style. Just try a different one today: get some inspiration from our brand new collection!




Vibrant, colourful and dynamic. The perfect choice to achieve a relaxed, different and happy look to any bathroom.


A pastel and chocolate colour scheme can enhance a delicate and simple bathroom style.   

Black and White

What about the popular and always trendy "black and white"? Use it in a bathroom to make it look contemporary and stylish. 


What's your favourite? 



Coordinate to fit you needs!

Mix it up and choose your own favourites, from our comprehensive range of bath products.

1. Mix our Deer shower curtain and bath rug, specially developed to coordinate with our colour range, with the colours and products that best fits your bathroom decoration and mood.


2.1) New Plus Bath Towel: Mediterranean

2.2) New Plus Bath Towel: Pistachio

2.3) New Plus Bath Towel: Petrol Blue

3.1) New Plus Accessories: Pistachio


3.2) New Plus Accessories: Mediterranean



Try some of our new looks!

We challenge you to leaf through this magazine and discover our new bath coordinated products for 2016.





What's new this year!

Our bath collection 2016 guarantees a complete bath linen that can fully decorate any bathroom with colourful and dynamic moods. With Sorema - Bath Fashion collection 2016 you make an enthusiastic statement, you choose a wide-ranging bath concept bursting with great options to decorate any place with the trendiest and most stylish products, you choose to be positive, you choose to bee different!

Feel welcome to our world and get inspired with some of our brand new coordinated products, bath towels, bath rugs and bath accessories designed and produced with excellence for the most contemporary bathroom styles.

From a very diverse range of solid colours or fancy designs, you can select what best suits your bathroom. And you can be sure: with us you have the best of two worlds - design and manufacturing quality.






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