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Sorema - Bath Fashion is a fresh, dynamic and truly comprehensive range of towels, bath rugs,
shower curtains and accessories, offering outstanding value and choices appropriated to all markets.


Our collection guarantees a complete bath linen that can fully decorate any bathroom with colourful and dynamic moods. With Sorema - Bath Fashion collection you make an enthusiastic statement, you choose a wide-ranging bath concept bursting with great options to decorate any place with the trendiest and most stylish products.

We mix colour and patterns like no one, we apply the best techniques and use the finest fibres and we assure that we meet all our clients’ requirements - for choice, quality and service.


Make the best of your bathroom with Sorema – Bath Fashion!




The Portuguese design talent and the quality of our textile manufacturing is recognized worldwide and it's no secret that Portugal is one of the largest textile exporters in Europe.

Sorema is located in Espinho, near Porto: one of Europe's oldest tourist destinations and geographic heart of the Portuguese textiles industry.

The city unfolds along the river bank and the sea shore, to reveal charming vistas, inviting esplanades and all the pleasures of the outdoors, framed by its green spaces.

But setting out to discover Porto means bumping into surprise after surprise.





Sorema is a manufacturer of innovative bath textiles since 1975. Each Sorema creation is a result of excellence combining our passion for delivering high quality with unique details.
Our market knowledge and wide range of options, combined with our investment in the latest production and communication technology, ensure that we meet all our clients’ requirements – for choice, quality and service.

We are not just providing a product, we are giving you an experience, which you will fell every time you step out of the shower, aligned with our careful consideration for your safety and hygiene.
We use the best materials, combined with our expert knowledge to simply provide you with the most pleasant experience.

Sorema is today a reference of excellence service recognized worldwide.
A proved best seller provider. But what made us achieve current market leadership in various countries is working together with our business partners: our team, our suppliers, customers and consumers.





Head office + Showroom
Rua dos Limites, 145 Silvalde 
4500-486 Espinho 

Phone: + 351 227 330 780 
Fax: +351 227 330 789


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